Five & Dime @ River Valley

A cosy Australian-concept cafe started up by a dentist and his wife along the River Valley stretch. There’s free parking just behind the cafe, so brownie points! I was here on 2 separate occasions – once for brunch, and another for dinner.

A typical Big Breakfast! Huge love for their scrambled eggs which was smooth and creamy, a perfect topping with a thick toast. I love how the entire big plate of food isn’t oily and greasy. Great energiser for a weekend morning!

Mentaiko Pasta ($18) – Absolutely to-die-for. I ordered this dish on both occasions I was there. Despite not having any other condiments apart from cod roe, the dish was very flavourful. This dish kept me coming for more!

Meatballs – If their Mentaiko pasta doesn’t fill you up, I would suggest this as a side! They’re better than Ikea meatballs for sure; succulent and juicy. I was fighting with my friend for the last meatball 😛 (we shared it in the end).

Cafe Latte

Chocolate Creme Brulee – The novelty of chocolate in a creme brulee basically died after the first few spoonfuls. Not a memorable dessert as the dark chocolate took away the lightness of what a creme brulee should be.

I would say that it’s an awesome and cool place to chill with friends with a bottle of apple cider and mentaiko pasta!! Reservation is a must due to its limited space (& popularity). 🙂

Address: 297 River Valley Road
Tel: 9236 5002


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