The Orange Thimble @ Tiong Bahru

One of the many quaint cafes in the gentrified Tiong Bahru, The Orange Thimble serves honest hearty food, with an old-school kick. There were various baked goods on display which I didn’t get to try. Next time, probably!

They call this Miss Portobella ($7.50). It’s a vegetarian burger with a portobello mushroom patty in between (homemade?) wholemeal bun! Sounds too healthy to taste good, but you’ll be surprised to taste cai poh (preserved radish, found on top of chwee kueh) on your first bite! ;D For me, it was a familiar taste that I took some time to recall, when chwee kueh used to be my popular choice for weekend breakfast. This burger definitely brought back some fond memories!

Latte, served with old-school gem biscuit. I’m not a coffee connoisseur so if it tastes pleasant to me, it’s a good coffee!

Early Grey & Fig ice cream ($3/scoop) was served in a traditional mother-hen-print porcelain bowl! Plus point for that! The fig added a natural sweetness to the strong tea aroma in the ice cream. I love the texture and extra chew from the figs as well! Having tried this flavour at other ice cream parlours, I think The Orange Thimble’s version scores a 9/10. 🙂

I really like the idea that the owners penned down a clear vision of their cafe – “where art meets cafe”.

The antiques in the shop, together with its orange metal grill gates, truly shows how modernity can meet tradition.


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