Ristorante Da Valentino

Tucked away in a corner of the shophouse in Bukit Timah is this gem that serves great, hearty Italian fare. The whole ambience created is that of a cosy, traditional Italian home, with a rustic charm to it. Middle-aged waiters clad in vests and bow-ties welcome their guests warmly and promptly introduce their special dishes for the day. Valentino is highly popular and reservations are recommended to be made 2 weeks in advance! They have 2 seatings as well.

Peach Bellini to start off the dinner! A refreshing drink to cleanse your palette, pre-empting a heavy meal.

This was their special starter of the day (not inside the menu). Fried Calamari with a very beautiful homemade tomato paste. Every single remnant of the tomato paste was wipe-cleaned with their complimentary bread (nicely served warm with homemade garlic pesto sauce). The light batter of the calamari served as a nice, thin crisp to the fresh, tender meat of the squid.

Another special starter of the day was Mixed Mushrooms with Garlic Butter Sauce. The mix included button and oyster mushrooms. A delightful play of mushroom textures is being enjoyed with its very aromatic garlic butter sauce. I assure you won’t get enough of them!

Pizza with Parma Ham and Rocket Leaves ($20+) — The crust was thin and chewy with a crispy edge. Definitely one of the better pizzas in town but they could have been more generous with the parma ham! My slice was one without. 😦

Lobster Pasta ($42) — This apparently serves 2 but I believe just one can wipe this plate of wonderfulness clean! I vouch that this is the best pasta I’ve ever tasted! The spaghetti was TRULY al dente, the lobster meat perfect and the tomato cream sauce simply divine divine divine, enhanced by its lobster essence. Please order this when you’re there and your tastebuds would be so spoilt that nothing else could compare to this. 😀

Steak Florentine — This is not found on the menu but is offered most days of the week. It’s a must-try at Valentino for steak lovers, which comes in 2 portions (500g and 750g if I’m not wrong). Somehow everything just tastes so good at Valentino; I can’t explain why a plainly grilled beef steak could be done so well. But yes, another highly recommended dish!

Squid-ink Pasta with Crabmeat — My first time trying squid-ink pasta. The pasta itself did not taste any different from normal spaghetti noodles but you can take comfort in that it is handmade. The tomato cream sauce was similar to the lobster one, ie. really awesome, and I love how chunky and meaty the crabmeat pieces were!

When you’re ready for desserts, the waiter would push the dessert trolley over to your table. Valentino is affiliated to Perla’s bakery just next door!

This was from the menu – Tiramisu. Their version had little sponge and the alcohol was not that strong as I would have liked it to be. 😛

From the trolley – Fig Custard Tart. This did not leave much of an impression. Personally, the tart contained too much custard and it stole the limelight of the figs.

It was a very enjoyable dinner at Valentino and I can’t wait to get back! Better luck with their desserts next time!

Ristorante Da Valentino
11 Jalan Bingka
Singapore 588908
No.: 6462 0555


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