Marmalade Toast @ Ngee Ann City

Hidden at a secluded spot, away from the main shopping areas of Ngee Ann City is a cheerful, yellow-themed cafe. It serves salad and sandwiches and provides a good resting spot for some tea (and your feet). The capacity is quite small though and it can get quite crowded during tea time.

Don’t the cupcakes look vaguely familiar? Marmalade Toast is in fact a sister branch of Marmalade Pantry. They offer high tea sets at $6.90 which include a cup of coffee/tea & choice of cupcake/tart. I find the pricings very reasonable and the cupcakes here are even better than those at Marmalade Pantry, well, according to my folks.

I ordered a Pear Tart (centre of photo) for myself. I like how the custard isn’t too sweet and every mouth of the tart was accompanied by at least a slice of pear. The crushed peanuts provided an extra crunch to the tart as well.

I tried a mouthful of both cupcakes too. The left one has the texture of a very yummy brownie while the right one tastes of hazelnut, with very rich and dense chocolate cake.

To get to Marmalade Toast, take the exit beside Christian Louboutin, walk through the lift lobby and exit the building. Marmalade Toast would be on your right. Have fun cupcake hunting!

Marmalade Toast
391 Orchard Road,
#02-11 Ngee Ann City


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