Stellar @ 1-Altitude

Standing at the 63rd storey, Stellar is the tallest restaurant in Singapore, boosting a magnificent and romantic view of the Marina Bay area. I was here for dinner during Restaurant Week which consisted of a fixed menu.

P.S.: sorry for the grainy photos due to dim lighting and the lack of a professional DSLR!

Pan seared Duck Foie Gras — I was surprised by the generous size of foie gras served and it was cooked just to perfection – crispy outer layer with a tender and juicy core. The cherries were good too!

Essence of Bonillabaisse — As a seafood lover, I enjoyed this dish a lot. The scallop was very memorable but the squid was a little overcooked. The gravy was simply heavenly, truly a summary of the essence of the seafood.

Threadfin Fillet — The fish was definitely overcooked, resulting in its dryness. The texture of the fish certainly did not appeal to me but the accompanying creamy mushrooms saved the dish. The plating was very pretty though! The foam was tasteless by the way, in case you’re curious.

Loin of Veal — Somehow this dish appears to be pretty confused. I wasn’t too sure what taste/cuisine the chef was after. The mishmash of peas and diced vegetables was not particularly fancied and it can get quite disheartening while eating them as they don’t seem to get any lesser. The meat was a tad too tough as well.

Raspberries — The raspberry mascarpone reminded me of 1-Caramel’s signature deconstructed strawberry shortcake! I held high expectations of their desserts with their associations with 1-Caramel but they turned out to be pretty disappointing. The cake was too dry and the tart didn’t leave an impression.

Mocha Coffee Pudding — The looks of it highly resembled a chocolate lava cake, yet it was nothing like one. To my dismay, the cake was dense and too rich after a main course. Mövenpick ice creams can never go wrong though.

A photo of the breathtaking view offered at Stellar. Despite the lackluster standard in food, the whole ambience and exclusivity of the restaurant gonna bring me back here. Definitely a place to go to if you wanna impress your date (even if it’s gonna burn a hole in your pocket)! 🙂

Raffles Place,
Level 62 One Raffles Place (OUB Centre)
Tel: 64380410 


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