Korea Bistro @ Tanjong Pagar

A sister branch of the famous 2day1night, this Korea Bistro serves ala-carte dishes.

Upon entering, I felt as though I was back in Korea, especially with the Korean owner sitting at the corner of the restaurant. There were 3 LCD screens playing music videos of the latest Kpop, however the audio was playing more slow and sentimental music from Korean dramas.

Though only 2 appetizers were served (I expected a larger spread), they were really good. However, the level of spiciness of the soup way surpassed what many locals can tolerate.

Pajeon ($15) — One of the better Korean seafood pancakes around town, the pancake was of perfect thickness and most importantly, there was crisp in every bite. I hate those thick and chewy ones. However, I think they can afford to be more generous in their seafood. 😛

Japche ($20) — Glass noodles stir-fried with assorted vegetables. I would highly recommend this dish! It’s simply perfectly executed.

 Kimchi Mandu ($25) — We added a portion of ramen at $5 which was an utter waste of money as it was just a packet of ridiculously marked-up maggi-mee. I would recommend getting rice to go with this instead. The hotpot was nonetheless good. The tofu slices were firm (the expensive kind). I suspect the dumplings were frozen, off-the shelf ones, but heck, they were yummy! Lots of veggies were added to soothe your throat as you get addicted to the very-spicy soup every spoonful.

This is definitely one of the more authentic Korean restaurants. They open till 3am and I believe it’s a popular drinking spot after dinner hours. Do give it a try when you’re craving for something Korean or when its sister branch gets too crowded! 🙂

98 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: 62236785


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  1. Pearlyn says:

    Let’s have BBQ meat soooooon

    1. foodiepink says:

      hehehe yes!!! 2day1night pls 😛

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