1-Caramel @ Rochester Park

Hidden and exclusive, you wind through paths and several water features before gaining entry into this white colonial house. On the ground floor, there are only three tables draped with heavy black cloth, accompanied by Tiffany chairs. That’s 1-Caramel for you. Outdoor seatings are aplenty but it’ll be nice to have some air-conditioning on a sweltering hot day. Also, seatings are available on the second floor where the kitchen is located at.

All-day breakfast is served for lunch sets.

Mushroom Soup — despite the small cup, the portion is just right. The texture of the soup was creamy and the mushrooms were well-blended (small enough to make the soup consistent yet big enough to taste the bits). Bread was served warm, with a generous spread of butter!

   Single Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Home Fries — As you can see the egg was very well-done with runny yolk (sadly, it wasn’t replicated in my friend’s egg ben). The bread muffin was slightly difficult to cut into, however it turned out to be toasted and chewy, just the way I like it. Smoked salmon was fresh and their “home fries” were amazing!

Berry Lust — One of the two desserts available that day. The other was Cheesecake with Maltese. This tart uses high-quality dark chocolate no doubt, but it’s a very heavy dessert to end the meal with. Major love the seasonal fruits on it though. 😛

This would be a nice and quiet place to chill and have great desserts with friends! I will consider their portions to be too small for guys but I guess it’d be a good option for girly dates! 🙂

1 Rochester Park
Tel:6774 1302
p.s.: NUS students get 15% off! (omg we totally did not utilise this deal =.=)


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