Shinshu Food @ Cuppage Plaza

Cuppage Plaza has many many Japanese restaurants, most of which have no menus. My friends and I decided to play it safe and chose one with menu and crowd. Unfortunately, the WHOLE menu was in Japanese and we could not comprehend the very extensive menu that was offered (they had a full page of side dishes!). The service was far from acceptable but no one seemed to be complaining.

Salmon Sashimi ($15) — Although the slices were very thin, they tasted almost like Salmon Belly Sashimi. Makes the $3/slice less painful!

Nabeyaki Udon ($10) — It’s rare that squid and fish slices were added into this dish but it was well-balanced nonetheless. The prawn tempura was very well-done too.

Niku Udon ($9) — Beef udon which was very tasty according to my friend! Seems like they are pretty generous with their beef.

Asuspara Bacon Yaki ($7.50) — The asparagus-bacon skewers grilled to perfection. The outer bacon layer has a slight crisp from its lightly-charred sides. The tender and juicy asparagus serves as a delightful contrast.

This is definitely a restaurant for affordable and homely Japanese food. They offer special items each day. The way to get the most out of this dining experience is to ask the waitresses (/aunties) for recommendation or simply peer over other tables and order whatever seems good to you! πŸ™‚

5 Koek RoadΒ 
#02-19 Cuppage Plaza
6235 4857Β 


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