Plain Vanilla Bakery

As the cupcake craze continues, resulting in cupcake-wannabes appearing every other day, Plain Vanilla is the latest addition that people are raving about. 😀

After tasting their cupcakes, yours truly is now committed to Plain Vanilla.

Definitely one of the best Red Velvet cupcakes around. There’s a certain indescribable crunch to the thin outer layer of the frosting which later on melts in your mouth. I also love how the chocolate in the cake is distinctive. Very very well-executed!

Cinnamon Brown Sugar cupcake is an unusual flavour for cupcakes. Here, the taste of childhood cinnamon buns is nicely incorporated and reinvented into a cupcake. Definitely a thumbs-up!

I would say that their Strawberry White Chocolate cupcake is the most mind-blowing of all. In the centre of the light vanilla sponge is freshly diced strawberry. The white chocolate frosting is a perfect match to those tangy strawberry bits.

Vanilla Fudge cupcake was their special flavour until 19th February (quick go get it already!). I love the fact that there is a heart-shaped brownie on the frosting. Extra brownie points (pun intended) for their effort! The centre of the cupcake holds dark chocolate cream. No chocolate overload for this but really, a delicate balance between vanilla and chocolate.

Each cupcake is $3.20 and $18 for six. The cupcakes are nicely contained in this old-school cardboard box and rattan string, with their tiffany-blue logo. What’s there not to love about this cupcake shop? Everything’s so honest about this bakery. 🙂

34A Lorong Mambong,
Holland Village


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