Empire Cáfe @ Raffles Hotel


A blend of old-school and Peranakan ambience defines the Empire Cáfe which serves local food. Prices here are considered exorbitant considering the fact that you can find similar or even better-tasting dishes at hawker centres. I suppose that’s the price you pay with the inclusion of service, a pretty dining environment and at an established 5-star hotel.

This is a photo of Ah Teng’s Bakery within the same vicinity as Empire Cáfe where sandwiches are served as well. The cáfe was surprisingly full with the working crowd hence we had to intrude into the bakery’s territory.

Teh Tarik ($6) – honestly, too sweet for my liking. I’d prefer it with more foam like the authentic ones; this simply tasted like a 3-in-1 mix.

Hainanese Chicken Rice ($25) – the waitress was thoughtful and asked if I preferred breast-meat or drumstick. The chicken meat was extremely tender, accompanied with the right amount of gravy. The soup was really flavourful without the usual layer of oil floating yum!

Hainanese Pork Chop with Rice ($20) – unfortunately, the pork slices were too tough and the potatoes were undercooked. The gravy lacked commitment as well, due to its stark resemblance of a mixture of ketchup and water.

The portions served at Empire Cáfe are huge. A suggestion would be to order a main here and to get something else to share at Ah Teng’s! I would love to try their popular Fish Head Curry since it was sold out that day! There was a 20% off my bill with Citibank Credit Card. Do not assume it’s ongoing though! 😛

Beach Road,
1F Raffles Hotel
Tel: 6412 1101 


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  1. peeweepow says:

    I love the interior ❤

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