Wild Oats @ Emily Hill


Affiliated to Wild Rocket, Wild Oats serves finger food and drinks including imported beers and ciders. A really good place to chill out with friends!

As the main seating area is outdoor, I recommend coming here after 6pm if you don’t want to be baking under the hot sun. And do hope for fair weather!

Our mocktails ($10 each) to cool us down! I can’t remember the exact concoctions but the one with lemon slice was a mix of berry juices while the other was cranberry with lychee. We loved the one with lychee initially but it got a little too diluted whereas the berry mix got tastier after the ice melted.

Sarawak Curry Chicken Sheperd’s Pie ($12) – this was apparently the favourite staff meal at Wild Rocket! I feel that this portion is good as a main course on its own. The addition of curry powder was a very pleasant innovation! They were generous with the cheese too yum!

Luncheon Meat Fries ($8) – a specialty dish; I doubt you can find this anywhere else! It’s like eating chewy keropok with lemongrass-scented mayonnaise. May I add that I’m totally in love with their mayonnaise sauces. 😀

Mini Seafood Burgers ($12) – the unidentifiable leaves went surprisingly well with the burgers as they added the extra crunch without any bitterness. The patties were tightly packed with seafood as promised on the menu. Extra brownie points for the Lemon Mayo!

Small Fish and Big Chips ($8.50) – yep, the chips were larger than the fried small baits, hence the name! The fried baits are pretty addictive I confess and you’ll find the chips rather unappealing subsequently. The curry mayo is simply mind-blowing!

Wasabi Prawns ($12) – this came as a slight disappointment. I love the batter of the prawns but I would have enjoyed this dish better if the sauce was incorporated into the prawns with the wasabi taste more distinct.

Westons Med Sweet ($12.90, 500ml) – Wild Oat has a very relatively large alcohol selection but I highly highly recommend this cider!! A must-try I would say! It has a very fruity apple note to it and it cleanses your palate after all the fried food. We ordered the Red Wine Sangria as well but we weren’t a bit impressed by it.

Emily Hill
11 Upper Wilkie Road
Singapore 228 120
6336 5413


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  1. peeweepow says:

    I miss the cider!!!

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