CNY Yu Sheng

Chinese Yu Sheng is an indispensable dish during Chinese New Year period. It is also one of the dishes I enjoy most thoroughly during this festive of feasting. Essentially, it is a Chinese interpretation of Western salads; in a much more fanciful way of course.

Golden Pavilion Ritz-Carlton Hotel – I’ve tried their Salmon as well as their Vegetarian Yu Sheng. The “fish” for the Vegetarian one is actually sea coconut. Priced at $60, it is pretty expensive for a ‘starter’. The ingredients are however very fresh. I love the fried tapioca and plump pomelo bits used here!

Sakuraya Fish Market (Parkway Parade) – A Japanese-styled Yu Sheng, seasoned jellyfish, seaweed, octopus and egg shreds were used. Tuna and swordfish sashimi made appearance too. The dressing, which made this a winner, was sesame sauce. A variant of the tradition Yu Sheng, it is definitely recommended.

Kuriya (Great World City) – Known for their high-quality Japanese set meals, Kuriya created this special set ($38) for CNY. The set comes with an individual Yu Sheng, Tempura, Snow Crab Chawamushi, Rice and Desserts. I love this Yu Sheng as the sashimi slices given were very fresh and thick. The different seaweed types lent crunchiness to the dish as well. It’s also fun to be the only one on the table “lao-ing” the Yu Sheng. 😀

Crystal Jade Restaurant – Nothing special to note really.

Tung Lok Restaurant – My sister liked their addition of walnuts and the various deep-fried bits. A very enjoyable Yu Sheng I would say!

Market Place ($28) – My cousin bought additional sashimi slices (that explains the unusually large amount of salmon :P). I guess you can make do with this for last-minute gatherings. Remember not to be stingy on your salmon!

Cherry Garden Oriental Hotel – This has to win the Best Presentation & Most Innovative Award! Slices of vegetables were neatly arranged, surrounding the mountain of fried beehoon. Deep fried salmon skin added a very nice touch to the dish. Olive oil was also used as a healthier choice. This is a very well thought-out Yu Sheng in my opinion!

It seems like we now have many new variations to this traditional dish! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 😀


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